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Meet the Owner & The Muse

S&G is owned and operated by Keisha, a Carolina, country creative with big city dreams.

Originally founded in 2020, Sunflowers & Ginger Print & Press Co. is an online street apparel and personalization store.

Here, we create custom items and trendy statement apparel to help increase confidence and individuality.


Glad you asked! If you haven't guessed, sunflowers are my favorite and are said to represent longevity, loyalty and happiness. Talk about a positive vibe!! And ginger? Well...who doesn't love a little spice?!


Two words...Emma Mae.  During the week, you could always catch My Granny in a graphic tee, sweatpants, and tube socks.  I guess you could say she created this 'half Girly Girl/half Tom Boy'.  She made it dope to be relaxed, yet cute and poised.

For so many years, I have dimmed my light to conform to society and the opinions of others.  That stops now, and I want that same positive energy and experience for you too!

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